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Meet the CEO, the J-beauty expert!

Ms. Mizue Saji, the founder of Alaisevirtu.Co., LTD.

I have been in the health and beauty industry for over three decades! 

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About Our Company

A Global & Small-Scale Provider


About Alasisevirtu OEM

Private Label/Original Equipment Manufacture 

The term `OEM` stands for `Original Equipment Manufacturer` and is used in almost every industry. Regarding health and beauty products, it's an interchangeable term with `private label` or `white label`.


By naming our company after the term, we aimed to express our dedication to fulfilling our clients` product requirements. For that purpose, we stick to the three cores of our service: “Reliable, Capable, and Flexible”


We help small businesses in America create a new cosmetic product or a whole product line, with the quality carefully selected by the expert in the field, Saji Mizue. 


In addition to our wide-ranged pre-existing formulations, we created hundreds of unique formulations with our clients to this day.


We look forward to meeting new partners nationwide to explore new possibilities together.

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  • Connections to artisans who have decades of experience with Japanese television, movie, and musical productions

  • Succeeded in supplying Vietnamese cosmeticians, our first overseas venture.

  • Our next frontier is the United States

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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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